Breakup, Makeup

by Stacey Anthony

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In this sweet and stylish romance, two lovers turned cosplay rivals go head-to-head for a chance at their dream school . . . and maybe a second chance at love. 

Eli Peterson is a self-taught, up-and-coming makeup artist in the cosplay scene who is barely making ends meet. While they...
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Published By Running Press Kids

Format Hardback


Number Of Pages 384

Publication Date 05/09/2023

ISBN 9780762481637

Dimensions 5.9 inches x 8.6 inches

"The writing grips from the start."
— Kirkus

“Anthony’s organic descriptions of makeup, cosplay, and convention culture add texture to this inspiring story about self-acceptance and second chances.”

— Publishers Weekly

“Stacey Anthony tore open my heart then painted, glued, and spackled it back together with this perfect cosplay romance. The delightfully queer, love-filled pick-me-up I needed!”

"Just like any meticulous cosplay craft, Breakup, Makeup is a beautiful portrayal of passion, grit, heart, and heartbreak. Readers will fall in love with Eli as they wield their bright and sharp makeup brush to color outside the lines—and to blend the lines between love and competition."

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