Black Flora

Inspiring Profiles of Floriculture’s New Vanguard
by Teresa J. Speight

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A growing community of Black floriculture creatives are leading the new vanguard in flowers.

Black Flora is the first book to feature profiles of contemporary Black experts innovating in the world of flowers. Author and longtime gardener, Teresa Speight, offers a beautiful intersection of flowers and community. This book is a...
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Published By Timber Press

Format Hardback


Number Of Pages 208

Publication Date 10/22/2024

ISBN 9781643264035

Dimensions 7 inches x 9 inches

"We are not all the same. With each profile, Black Flora so beautifully captures the essence of what we embody as Black designers and farmers and the many facets of our professions. Black Flora explores the heart behind what we do by highlighting some of this very moment's dynamic flower artists and farmers."

— Valerie Crisostomo, President and CEO, Black Girl Florists

"An entrancing book that's more than a book: it's the gathering of a community. Black Flora lifts up our ancestors' relationship to the earth while profiling today's most exciting florists and farmers with zing, curiosity, and a depth that's long overdue." 

— Chantal Aida Gordon, Co-Founder of The Horticult and Co-Author of How to Window Box

"I believe Black Flora, like any art, creation, or work by Black people, is steeped in and deeply fertilized by the culture and experience of those who create and develop it. It celebrates the joy and exuberance of shared cultures and bloodlines as well as the past and present experience of being Black in America and in the world."

— Pilar Zuniga, Owner and Lead Designer, Gorgeous and Green, and Host of @floristsofcolor

"Black Flora is an incredibly exciting, joyful, and healthy gift to us all as it offers page after page of inspiring Black flower artists and the beautifully wide-ranging flowers we create! Reading the "flower journeys" in each of the featured profiles reminds me so much of the experiences I went through to find my own path with plants and flowers. The stories are also refreshing proof that there are so many wonderful and unexpected routes to finding our way to beauty in this world. We Black flower farmers, gardeners, and designers are lighting the way for each other and for the world."

— Leslie Bennett, Owner and Creative Director of Pine House Edible Gardens, Co-Author of The Beautiful Edible Garden, and Founder and Installation Artist of Black Sanctuary Gardens