Baking with Steel

The Revolutionary New Approach to Perfect Pizza, Bread, and More
by Jessie Oleson Moore, Andris Lagsdin, J. Kenji López-Alt

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A simple but transformative product that supercharges your home oven, Baking with Steel offers a whole new way to cook and bake that blows pizza stones and stovetop griddles away. With Baking with Steel, you'll harness this extraordinary tool to bake restaurant-quality baguettes, grill meats a la plancha, and enjoy...
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Published By Voracious

Format Hardback


Number Of Pages 256

Publication Date 12/05/2017

ISBN 9780316465786

Dimensions 7.4 inches x 9.35 inches

"The baking steel is the latest obsession in the culinary world, due to its ability to cook pizzeria-quality pies (and baguettes, and crispy bacon, and grilled cheese) at home."
— Real Simple

"Your home pizza-making skills will immediately skyrocket... lots of fun baking and breakfast-y projects in this book."
— Eater

"Every decade or two, a revolutionary idea turns into a revolutionary product that actually changes the way we make our food... This book distills the passion and dedication of Andris Lagsdin and Jessie Oleson Moore into a series of recipes and techniques that not only show you how to make some of the best pizza, steak, and pancakes you'll ever make in your home kitchen, but how a simple slab of steel might fundamentally change the way you feed your family."
— From the foreword by J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, bestselling author of The Food Lab and Managing Culinary Director, Serious Eats

"The Baking Steel is the iconic cast iron skillet of its time, worthy to pass down for generations along with endless kitchen memories-and the recipes in this book."
— Chris Bianco, James Beard Award-winning chef of Pizzeria Bianco

"Baking with Steel is a fantastic companion for anyone with a Baking Steel, as it showcases its range of applications in the kitchen. From producing gorgeously cooked pizzas to perfectly seared steak and ice cream in minutes, Andris Lagsdin once again shows that there are many reasons to love the power of steel."

— Nathan Myhrvold, lead author of the award-winning Modernist Cuisine series.

"Steel this book! I advocate using the Baking Steel instead of a baking stone for one simple reason: you get a better pizza crust. The Steel (still in my home oven) releases heat more energetically than a ceramic surface. And it won't crack, so it will last you a lifetime. This book, with plenty of recipes, is an excellent guide to making a Baking Steel an essential element in your kitchen too."
— Ken Forkish, James Beard Award-winning chef and author of Flour Water Salt Yeast and The Elements of Pizza

"With the Baking Steel, not only was I able to shave off two minutes of cooking time for my pizzas, but they surpassed anything I'd been able to achieve in my home oven... I'm a believer, and this book gives you everything you need to become one too."
— Peter Reinhart, James Beard Award-winning author of Artisan Breads Every Day

"The Baking Steel has revolutionized how pizza should be made at home. After baking on a Steel in my own kitchen, I can't see any home cook not needing one-or even two-for baking, pizza making, and much, much more. It's the only way I know how to make pizzeria-quality pizza in your home oven, and Baking with Steel gives you all the tools to unlock the Steel's full potential in your kitchen."

— Tony Gemignani, master instructor at the International School of Pizza and author of The Pizza Bible

"My Baking Steel never leaves the oven. I love the crust it creates on everything I bake; not just pizza, but bread and pie too! The results are fantastic, and I no longer worry about cracked baking stones. It's brilliant!"
— Zoe Francois, author of Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day

"The Baking Steel is an essential tool for the avid cook. I use mine every day. With this book and a Steel in your oven, you too will make perfect, professional-quality breads, pizza, and more at home."
— Jenn Louis, author of Pasta by Hand and The Book of Greens

"Andris Lagsdin changed the game by creating the Baking Steel, and he developed a range of delicious recipes to use it to transform every course, from breakfast to dessert. Baking with Steel shows you how to do it all."

— Alex Talbot, coauthor of Ideas in Food

"One of the scariest things about moving 1,500 miles away from New York City was having to say goodbye to all its chewy, crusty pizza. But with the help of my Baking Steel, which has lived in my oven for years now, I learned that I don't have to live a sad pizza-less life--and that in fact, super awesome restaurant-quality pizza is possible to make at home. I love that my Baking Steel yields a perfectly splotchy crust every time and that it cooks pizza so quickly. I've even used it outside to cook pizza over a fire. I'm so excited that this book exists now, so I can learn even more ways to use it! Hello, ice cream!"
— Molly Yeh, author of Molly on the Range

"Baking With Steel displays Andris Lagsdin's unique mastery of both steel and the art of pizza. You'll learn to bake a pizza to its crisp and chewy perfection, make a fluffy, crusty bread, and even create the creamiest ice cream. The Baking Steel is an incredible kitchen tool you'll use all year round, and this book is a perfect companion for your culinary adventures."

— Ming Tsai, chef and author of Simply Ming