An Absolute Beginner's Guide to Raising Backyard Turkeys

Varieties, Feeding, Shelter, Care
by Stacy Benjamin

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This is the essential how-to guide for raising turkeys—whether you're raising one bird or a dozen. 

Written by a backyard homesteader with a small flock of charismatic heritage-breed turkeys, An Absolute Beginner's Guide to Raising Backyard Turkeys is all about raising turkeys on a small scale, with a focus on eggs,...
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Published By Storey Publishing, LLC

Format Paperback


Number Of Pages 152

Publication Date 01/07/2025

ISBN 9781635867565

Dimensions 7 inches x 9 inches

“If you are thinking of acquiring turkeys, first read this book."

— Gail Damerow, author of An Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Raising Backyard Ducks

“Stacy Benjamin is your mentor for how to raise turkeys in the healthiest, happiest way.”

— Marissa Ames, editorial director for Mother Earth News and Backyard Poultry magazines

“Whether you are raising turkeys for your table, collecting delicious eggs, or growing out poults, this will be your favorite guide!”

— Janet Garman, farmer, speaker, and author of 50 Do-It-Yourself Projects for Keeping Chickens