A Garden Miscellany

An Illustrated Guide to the Elements of the Garden
by Suzanne Staubach

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A sweet, alphabetical handbook to all things green.” —The New York Post

Do you know a folly from a ha-ha? Can an allée be pleached? Does a skep belong on a plinth? Answers to these questions—plus a gazebo-ful of information, stories, and visual delights—await in this charming exploration of the...
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Published By Timber Press

Format Hardback


Number Of Pages 220

Publication Date 10/29/2019

ISBN 9781604698817

Dimensions 8.38 inches x 10.38 inches

“The right amount of useful advice and, when applicable, educational historical tidbits… Julia Yellow’s whimsical illustrations, generously scattered throughout, ensure the work remains charming as well as informative. This is both a pleasure to read and a valuable resource to fall back on for the enthusiastic gardener.” —Publishers Weekly

“A sweet, alphabetical handbook to all things green, from arbors and arches to water features and yards. The painterly illustrations, quirky factoids and genuinely helpful tips make this an ideal gift for anyone who has a garden…or just imagines escaping to one.” —The New York Post

“Lovely illustrations make this informative book a pleasure to return to again and again.” —The Seattle Times

“Any gardener will enjoy the clever, useful prose and storytelling illustrations…The pretty cover, with gold foil detailing, already seems wrapped for giving.” —The Oregonian

“A perfect gift for the gardener in your life, with little anecdotes about odd garden features, and charming illustrations.” —The Multnomah County Library

“Quirky illustrations and headings either bring levity to what might appear to be a dry topic, or diminish its intellectual heft, depending on your point of view… the perspective is enlightening and helps to paint a fuller picture of the items we use almost daily.” The English Garden

“A unique book that blends the practical with the poetic.” Horticulture

“Filled with revelations and fanciful illustrations, this whimsical book is part garden guide and part coffee table art. Whether used as a reference guide or a quick pleasure read, it promises new discoveries with each opening.” —Michigan Gardener