A Field Guide to the Apocalypse

A Mostly Serious Guide to Surviving Our Wild Times
by Athena Aktipis

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A common sense field guide to understanding, surviving, and thriving in our time of complex chaos and crises.

Is this finally it? The end times?Because from COVID-19 to climate catastrophe to the looming AI revolution—not to mention the ever-growing background hum of rage, fear, and anxiety—it’s starting to feel like...

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Published By Workman Publishing Company

Format Paperback


Number Of Pages 256

Publication Date 04/09/2024

ISBN 9781523518258

Dimensions 5.8 inches x 8.25 inches

"This feel-good book about the end of human existence comes just in time to remedy the winter doldrums. The basic message is yes, we are living in apocalyptic times, but we should calm our fears and prepare for whatever comes. Aktipis is by turns witty, insightful, reassuring, silly, and always interesting. Aktipis' advice seems a sensible response to it all. Teens will also enjoy both the topics and tone of Aktipis' survival guide."

— Booklist

“ At turns irreverent, unexpected, informative, and funnier than it
has any right to be, this is a brilliant handbook for preparing for
the future, no matter what it brings.” —Andrew Maynard, author of Future Rising

“ This guide doesn’t sugarcoat our apocalyptish circumstances,
but it demands radical optimism by reminding us of who we are:
a species built for change, compassion, and survival.”
—Rachel Feltman, author of Been There, Done That