A Field Guide to Men's Health

Eat Right, Stay Fit, Sleep Well, and Have Great Sex—Forever
by Jesse Mills

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Guys, it’s time to step it up and start taking care of yourselves. Which doesn’t mean making impossible-to-stick-to changes. Written by one of the leading doctors whose practice is devoted solely to men, A Field Guide to Men’s Health shows, in the simplest and...
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Published By Artisan

Format Paperback


Number Of Pages 256

Publication Date 01/18/2022

ISBN 9781579659783

Dimensions 4.62 inches x 9.12 inches

“Becoming a healthier guy doesn’t need to be complicated, according to Jesse Mills. . . . Eat less, move more, and sleep better. Do these three things, my fellow kings, if you want your bodies to feel incredible.” 

“A treasure trove of useful information that will help men of all ages improve their physical, mental, and emotional health. It’s practical, easy-to-understand advice from Jesse Mills, who is a true expert in men’s health.”
—Arthur L. Burnett, MD, professor of urology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine