27 Essential Principles of Story

Master the Secrets of Great Storytelling, from Shakespeare to South Park
by Daniel Joshua Rubin

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“So often people ask me if there’s a book on story I can recommend. This is the one. I can’t recommend it highly enough.”––Alexa Junge, writer/producer, Friends, Sex and the City, The West Wing
A master class of 27 lessons, drawn from 27 diverse narratives, for novelists, storytellers, filmmakers, graphic...
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Published By Workman Publishing Company

Format Paperback


Number Of Pages 384

Publication Date 08/18/2020

ISBN 9781523507160

Dimensions 6.05 inches x 8.95 inches

"This is the straight dope—all the tools you need to craft a hell of a great story." —Paul Giamatti, actor

"Rubin, a playwright and TV scriptwriter, aims with this manual to give writers “enough direction to avoid getting lost, but not so much that it strangles your creativity,” and succeeds in creating an invaluable resource... This is a no-brainer for both pro and would-be novelists."
Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

"Seasoned multimedia writer Rubin (NBC, the WB) injects the traditional writing manual with an overdue fix of dash and utility... This new bible of lessons and practices for creators across media will likely appeal to readers curious about behind-the-scenes realities of those who bring to life today’s most popular and intelligent entertainment."
Library Journal

"Perfect for any writer looking to ensure their stories operate and resonate at the top of their potential."