The Tinkering Workshop

Explore, Invent & Build with Everyday Materials; 100 Hands-On STEAM Projects
by Ryan Jenkins

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A makerspace educator inspires kids to be creative with 100 inventive tinkering projects that illustrate the principles of science, encourage experimentation and discovery, and sharpen STEAM skills.

Gather some basic tools and supplies from a hardware store, garage, basement, woodshop, or recycling bin. Now get ready to tinker, explore, and engineer...
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Published By Storey Publishing, LLC

Format Hardback


Number Of Pages 168

Publication Date 10/29/2024

ISBN 9781635867510

Dimensions 8.5 inches x 10.88 inches

The projects in the book will spark the tinkerer in all of us.

— Mike Petrich, co-author of The Art of Tinkering and Director of the Informal Learning Center at Exploratorium

A rich source of inspiration and playful learning ... Whether you're an educator, parent, grandparent or simply curious, this book not only sparks a passion for tinkering with common materials, but also cultivates creative, innovative thinking to solve real-world challenges.

— Cate Heroman, early childhood consultant and author of Making and Tinkering with STEM: Solving Design Challenges with Young Children

The Tinkering Workshop is a new 'must have’ addition to any school makerspace, community DIY space, or kitchen table ... Kids will love browsing through the quirky projects and step by step instructions and photos, and simple guides to exploring everyday materials in a host of useful ways!

— Sylvia Libow Martinez, co-author of Invent to Learn: Making, Tinkering, and Engineering in the Classroom

Introducing children to tinkering and the open-ended exploration of physical materials could not be more urgent, as children are spending more and more time on screens. Ryan’s delightful book will capture their imagination and encourage them to create new things from simple materials. These basic hands-on interactions can lay the foundation for them becoming makers with a mindset that they learn to do almost anything.

— Dale Dougherty, creator of Make: Magazine and Maker Faire

[Tinkering Workshop] feels like a buddy cheering you on in the fun (and sometimes challenging) process of tinkering and trying something new and unknown. Each page is enticing not just for the eyes but also for the hands: the images are so beautiful and tactile that I almost feel like I’m running my fingers across the grain of wood, or smooth metal, or flowing water, as I read ... The book is packed with project ideas and techniques that are brilliantly simple and accessible, but also enable endless play and exploration.

— Jie Qi, artist and cofounder of Chibitronics