What About Us?

A New Parents Guide to Safeguarding Your Over-Anxious, Over-Extended, Sleep-Deprived Relationship
by Familius

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The demands of a new baby can test a couple’s relationship like nothing else! When we factor in sleep deprivation, hormonal changes, depression and anxiety, and different personalities, life with a newborn can feel a bit CRAZY. Couples tend to misinterpret this rough patch as a sign that something is...
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Published By Familius

Format Hardback


Number Of Pages 128

Publication Date 09/14/2021

ISBN 9781641705714

Dimensions 7.38 inches x 7.38 inches

"Karen Kleiman’s wisdom about not only taking care of the mother and her well-being, but also her partner and their whole system at large, helps us all stay connected to our partners and loved ones during a tumultuous, life-changing, and potentially relationship-taxing time. . . . God bless Karen for her support in helping us all integrate every relationship within our 'new normal' as parents. Her humor, experience, wisdom, and insight are like a port in the most heart-spinning of storms."
-Alanis Morissette
"​​With its real-life illustrations and digestible sections, What About Us gets straight to the heart of the matter, showing (not just telling) couples how having a baby impacts on their relationship, what’s really going on inside both of them, what the big issues are and how to get through this trying time together. Overwhelmed and sleep-deprived parents will see themselves in the pages and find reassurance that they’re normal, not alone and it won't last forever."
-Elly Taylor, perinatal relationship specialist, author and founder of Becoming Us.

"Parents often experience tension in their relationships after baby, but often have limited time to read about, reflect, and work through challenges. What About Us? is the answer parents have been waiting for. Through powerful, relatable visuals and Karen Kleiman's decades of experience working with families, partners now have an opportunity to see they're not alone and have a roadmap to move forward together."
—Stephanie Greunke, MS, RD, CPT, PMH-C

"Practical, entertaining, informative, consoling, and sometimes inspiring, "What About Us?: A New Parents Guide to Safeguarding Your Over-Anxious, Over-Extended, Sleep-Deprived Relationship" is essential reading for new (and not so new) parents struggling with a new born addition to their family." - Midwest Book Reviews