The Lost Art of Ladyhood

12 Essential Skills to be Confident & Classy in a Crazy World
by Jessie Funk

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In a world where women and girls are constantly under attack from the media with photoshopped, airbrushed images and pop-stars that tell them all they need to do is party all the time, kiss a lot of boys, be a “mean girl” to gain popularity, max their credit cards to...

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Published By Familius

Format Paperback


Number Of Pages 302

Publication Date 11/04/2014

ISBN 9781939629395

Dimensions 5 inches x 7.9399999999999995 inches

"Sadly we live a world where girls feel so much pressure to sacrifice their integrity for popularity. This is not the future I wish for my daughter or any young woman on the planet. Thankfully there's Jessie Funk. She's cool enough to be your older sister and wise enough to be your aunt. The principles in this book will help my daughter and yours grow to become true women of character, confidence, and substance."
- Josh Shipp, Teen Behavior Expert Host of Parental Guidance

"Today's world is full of so many clamoring voices that indoctrinate our young women to believe that they are not good enough unless they measure up to society's unrealistic definition of beauty and success. Jessie Funk is a vital voice for the truth, and provides young girls the structure, framework, and inspiration to understand their true beauty and live in a way that creates true success. A girl who knows who she is, what she is worth, and what she can accomplish in her life is unstoppable. These are the types of women we need for the society of tomorrow, so this is the type of education we need to be providing our daughters today."
- Tara starling, founder of Taking Back Beauty Foundation and award-winning Hollywood makeup artist

"Jessie Funk's The Lost Art of Ladyhood is a beacon of light and goodness in a world that is increasingly dark and difficult for teen girls. . . . She helps girls build confidence and self-esteem, teaches about some of the very real dangers that are lurking in this world, and offers a place of safety to share thoughts and dreams in a no judgment zone. I would wholeheartedly recommend Jessie's Funk's curriculum for every teen girl."
- Michelle Millburn, author and business coach

"Jessie Funk's curriculum teaches us girls things we need to become successful and powerful women in our future. Jessie is so amazing because she is such a great example of both!"
- Rachel Alder, High School Senior

"Inspirational and amazingly talented Jessie Funk is on a crusade to help young girls be their best, most confident, selves. [She] teach[es] girls, ages 12 to 18, about their individual worth, their unlimited potential and about how to live life with confidence and poise. Refinement comes as the girls learn how to establish boundaries—with basic self-defense to back it up—and how to set standards, goals, and positive attitudes to be able to live an enlightened life."
- Linda Tognoni M.Ed. Literacy Interventionist/Reading Coach Author, A+ Super Phonics to the Rescue!

“If you're looking for refinement for your daughter, The Lost Art of Ladyhood is an excellent opportunity to learn poise, confidence, and etiquette from the beautiful and extremely talented Jessie Funk. With years of training and personal experience, Jessie will make a remarkable difference in your daughter’s future.”
- Heather Richey, Mrs. Premier World 2014

"This interactive work is dynamic and charming. It glitters with ideas, experiences and insights that focus on difficult aspects of teens' lives and the challenge they face in striving to be better than the world wants them to be...Funk has created a gem of a work that is sure to inspire up-and-coming ladies everywhere."
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