The 5 Foundations of Successful Teens

How to Ignite Your Underperforming Teen's Self-Reliance and Academic Success
by Mark J. Luciano

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Are you concerned that your child’s grades aren’t reflecting their potential? Are you worried that they have fallen into self-destructive patterns that could influence the rest of their lives? Research has repeatedly shown that an alarming percentage of students achieve below their academic ability. But with patience, you can help...

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Published By Familius

Format Paperback


Number Of Pages 224

Publication Date 09/01/2018

ISBN 9781641700375

Dimensions 6 inches x 9 inches

"The 5 Foundations of Successful Teens—How to Ignite Your Underperforming Teen’s Self-Reliance and Academic Success is a powerful tool that belongs on every parent’s bookshelf. Short, to-the point, yet jam-packed with interesting stories and advice, Luciano’s work is a joy to read and simple to implement. I learned a lot about how to communicate with my children and will keep this book handy for when they reach their teens."
Seattle Book Review

It's very timely because I have some very intellectually gifted students that I'm attempting to support who definitely fall within the "challenge averse" category with straight F grades in all of their classes.

“If your teen resists life’s challenges, this book is written for you. Dr. Luciano provides a clear, comprehensive framework for identifying your teen’s issues, and a detailed roadmap to help your teen to grow with confidence, independence, initiative, identity, and trust. His directions for parents are insightful and practical. The 5 Foundations of Successful Teens is an essential guidebook for parenting a teen who is struggling to grow up.”