Spy on History: Victor Dowd and the World War II Ghost Army

by Enigma Alberti, Scott Wegener

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Your Mission: Find Victor’s missing sketchbook using spycraft tools to uncover hidden codes!

It’s a true story of deception:
Meet the top-secret Ghost Army, a group of artists and sound engineers trained to fake out the Germans in World War II with inflatable rubber tanks and loudspeakers broadcasting the...
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Published By Workman Publishing Company

Format Hardback


Number Of Pages 96

Publication Date 01/23/2018

ISBN 9780761193265

Dimensions 6.15 inches x 8.6 inches

"With interestingly written, approachable text, black-and-white illustrations, and varied fonts, this second in the Spy on History series will captivate a wide range of readers." — Booklist

"This is a fascinating story and one kids and adults will find interesting." — The Write Stuff
"If you have a history or spy buff in your life, hand this book to him or her." — Prose and Kahn
"I absolutely loved this book. If you like WWII history or little known history, you should check this book out!" — Rattle the Pages

"It's literally an interactive experience that even my middle school kids thoroughly enjoyed. In fact, they've both voiced their anticipation for the next installment." — Kidliterati

"This series is a fun way to introduce readers to codes and codebreaking without making it too difficult. Even readers who have cracked a few codes in their time will enjoy one more opportunity to spin a cipher wheel and work out a message. Maybe they'll even be inspired to create their own!" — Mad About MG History

"Exciting, entertaining, and educational...this unique and clever book is all these things! Middle-grade readers will be captivated by the fascinating history of the Ghost Army and will have a blast deciphering puzzles and clues using the tools provided within the book." — Word Spelunker

"There are a lot of tensions in the book --- between art as passion and art as a war tactic, excitement over the Germans aiming their guns at the Ghost Army and fear at the army’s defenselessness --- which makes this book a true page-turner. This perfectly paced tale of bravery and deception is perfect for any lover of history and wannabe spy!" — Kidsreads.com