P Is for Purr

by Carole Gerber, Susanna Covelli

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A is for American—the shorthaired, friendly cats
that crossed the sea on sailing ships and kept them free of rats. 

B is for each breed of cat. A breed defines the way
a feline looks, the way it sounds, and how it likes to play. 

C is for the claws attached to...
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Published By Familius

Format Hardback


Number Of Pages 56

Publication Date 11/29/2022

ISBN 9781641707411

Dimensions 9.44 inches x 9.38 inches

Each letter of the alphabet tells us something about cats, the different breeds, their habits, and their abilities. A is for American shorthair. B is for Breed. C is for claws. It goes all the way to X is for Xanthus Av Jostedalsbreen, a Norwegian Forest breed. Y is for Yankee cat, a Maine coon. Z is for Zibeline, also called a Burmese cat.

Each page gives little tidbits of information about cats. They can see in the dark, hear tiny sounds, run fast, and always land on their feet. They have strong jaws, retractable claws, rough tongues, and soft fur.

I love the beautiful illustrations! The cats all look so soft and fluffy. The art has such lovely details of their fur and whiskers and the lights in their eyes.
— Luminous Libro