Grow, Baby, Grow!

Watch Baby Grow Month by Month!
by Mertixell Marti, Xavier Salomo

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See baby grow and develop month by month with 9 stunning, life-size pop-ups! Grow, Baby, Grow! artistically and poetically illustrates the growth of a baby before birth by comparing him or her to something wonderful and familiar: a pearl on the beach, a cherry on a limb, a starfish in the sea. Grow,...

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Published By Familius

Format Hardback


Number Of Pages 18

Publication Date 03/01/2019

ISBN 9781641701006

Dimensions 10.31 inches x 10.31 inches

"A parent recounts the stages of a fetus’s development using vivid comparisons to objects in nature (“a little pearl inside an oyster”), while Salomó’s life-size pop-ups show it cradled in its surroundings. The developing fetus is the size of a cherry, then of a frog, “as big as a sunflower,” and, in the sixth month, “bigger than my hand, like a starfish surrounded by coral.” In the eighth month, “it was almost time to fly,” and the child is shown in a bird’s nest, surrounded by white flowers. Martí includes details about a fetus’s physical changes in the womb, as well as the mother’s reflections on its movements: “Sometimes you had hiccups!” Young readers will enjoy seeing the gestational changes in each pop-up spread. Ages 5–7. (Mar.)"

- Publishers Weekly