Eleanor Amplified and the Trouble with Mind Control

by John Sheehan

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Based on the popular children's podcast, follow Eleanor Amplified as she teams up with middle school reporter Miku to get the scoop and save the day!

Join world-renowned investigative reporter Eleanor Amplified as she goes undercover to help a student reporter and fan, Miku Tangeroa, expose the corruption at her middle...
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Published By Running Press Kids

Format Hardback


Number Of Pages 240

Publication Date 09/07/2021

ISBN 9780762498833

Dimensions 5.95 inches x 8.7 inches

"Eleanor is the perfect hero for our time. She's fought a nefarious internet mega-company on its way to taking over the earth and beyond, and now she's helping her 7th grade protégé stand up to cliques and uncover a middle school mystery. Eleanor is a fearless investigative radio reporter who solves mysteries, unmasks villains, and foils their schemes. Make sure to check out the Eleanor Amplified podcast, if you haven't already. Tune in for the adventure and the fantastic cast and sound design. Stay to hear the Fresh Air team voicing the crowd scenes."

"This is an energetic novel with plenty of valuable commentary about the dangers of data mining and excessive technology use wrapped in an entertaining mystery…. A solid story with an important message."

"The ending leaves space for the launch of a new series that fans of middle grade ­mystery and of the eponymous podcast where ­Eleanor Amplified originated will enjoy."